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ENVIRO SYSTEMS إنفايرو سيستمز

نفايرو سيستمز تأسست شركتنا في عام 1995 في دبي ونمتلك من الخبرة في مجال معالجة المياه ما يزيد عن عشرون عاما . ونحن احد اعضاء مجموعة شركات عبدالله علي بن حيدر . وتتمثل خدماتنا في معالجة المياه والمياه العادمة باستخدام احدث التقنيات من التكنولوجيا الفعالة باداء عالي وبسيط التكلفة وباشراف مهندسين ذو كفاءة علمية وعملية عالية .


تنظيم التعاون بين القطاع الخاص و الحكومات لتوفير المياه و القوة التي يمكن أن تدعم التنمية الاجتماعية والاقتصادية لنمو الأمم .


نحن نقدم افضل الحلول بالحد الادنى للتكلفة في مجال انظمة معالجة المياه لمساعدة عملائنا بطرق مستدامة.


Enviro Systems was founded in 1995 in Dubai. We have a rich and vast wealth of experience in the field of water treatment, spanning more than twenty years. Our services in water and wastewater treatment employ the latest in high efficiency technology, while keeping operational costs at optimal advantage to our clients. Under the expert guidance of our highly qualified engineers, we ensure that all the projects that we undertake are completed to achieve the highest level of operational efficiency, in a scientific manner.


Organize cooperation between the private sector and government authorities, to provide water and power that can support social and economic development for the progressive growth of nations.


We offer the best solutions at minimal cost, in the field of water treatment systems, to help our customers in sustainable ways.

Enviro System has been dedicated to the singular business of Water and Wastewater Treatment for the last 18 years, operating under the same management and ownership since its corporate establishment.

Enviro System Services are the result of interaction between Enviro System Team, End Users , Contractors and Business Owners for the last period of business.

Enviro System Technical Team have a broad range of expertise in all of Water and Waste Water Treatment process to ensure the flexibility in design since you will find in every discipline Enviro System provide numerous process choices to solve water treatment problem effectively and economically.

Enviro System Sales and Service Network has Local and Global Coverage Through Company - Owned Regional Offices as well as Appointed Representative , Sister Companies and Partners and The interaction between them form Strong integrated organization to serve all users in any place at any time.


Enviro System has had the opportunity to complete projects Since the date of establishment . The skills and abilities of the Enviro System have been demonstrated on a wide range of the projects such as:

  • Turnkey BOT , BOOT and BOO Project For Desalination Plants.
  • Utility System Management from Initial Study till System Operation.
  • Turnkey Desalination Systems ( RO ) .
  • Mobile and Package Water and Waste Water Treatment System .
  • Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Systems.
  • Emergency Supply for Water Treatment Systems include Rental Solution

We believe that Our Challenge is to provide equipment and engineered solutions that are highly suitable for the environment and as per the actual demand.

We engage in close cooperation with our clients, studying their actual situation on site to reach suitable solutions and select the appropriate system components


Enviro System

Enviro System

Enviro System

Enviro System